Looking to the Future

As ever, the future looks both busy and bright for Good Things Foundation, with lots of ambitions for the future, and plans in the pipeline, including:

Working internationally

Building on our work in Australia and the Philippines this year, in 2017 we’re hoping to extend our work in Australia, bringing the Good Things Foundation model down under. We’ll also be running a pilot project in Kenya, working with libraries to bring our digital inclusion experience to the country.
working internationally

Working with the NHS

working with the NHS
Delivery has begun on Phase 2 of the Widening Digital Participation programme, with our first two Pathfinders – innovative, locally-led partnership projects to test innovative new approaches – taking place in Islington and Sheffield. We’re really excited about the potential of the programme to test and scale really effective approaches to overcome digital exclusion in health.

Delivering new projects

We’ve also got lots of exciting new projects in development, supporting many thousands of people to use digital to help improve their lives across the UK, working with a wide range of partners including our Online Centres Network, who will continue to extend their impact, working with some of the hardest to reach and most excluded communities in the UK.

And we’ll continue to develop our two new programmes for Digital and Social Inclusion, to ensure we’re delivering cohesive and co-ordinated activity that can have an impact on people’s lives.

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Thanks to all our partners for your support –
we couldn’t have done it without you!